Moving with ease

Moving Tips While Selling Your House


When you decide to move, chances are, you’re more likely to sell your house to move in to a new one. Moving alone is quite stressful but, it gets a bit more stressful as a mom and while you’re waiting to entertain a buyer for your home. Here are some great tips that you could use if you’re in this situation:

  • If you’re selling your house, you can never guess when a buyer could show up at your house. You can keep 3 to 4 laundry baskets for a quick declutter. Tidy up those toys, gadgets and other things that might be lying around your house and put them inside your car.
  • Keep staging items ready and tucked away. You might get an expected call from a buyer and you might not have a piece of towel set up on the bathroom.
  • A couple of weeks before moving you can prep some quick and easy freezer meals. This will make meal times less stressful, less messy and easier.
  • Have a dedicated box for packing supplies. This can be really useful because you can have all the things you need in just one box which you can carry from room to room.
  • Pack a first night box. This box may contain all the things that you need for spending a night at our new home such as a pan, towels, toilet paper and so on. You might be quite exhausted after moving and you could get more stressed after having a hard time looking for supplies that you need.

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