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How To Avoid A Chaotic Move?

It is generally known that when you start to plan for your move, it feels that there are a lot of things to prepare. Of course, this is natural when you start late. You need to plan ahead because it is not easy to do the moving process from packing to unpacking. There will a lot of headache that you will experience if it was done without prior preparation and planning. It is very important to plan ahead because this is the secret to a flawless move. Below are some tips and tricks to avoid a chaotic move.

  • Look for used boxes that are appropriate for each item to be packed and many newspapers.
  • Keep handy these materials: tape, scissors, and marker. Collate all your belongings and get boxes which have appropriate sizes for all. It can be of medium size and large size.
  • Make sure to separate glassware and other dishes. Before placing them in boxes, you have to wrap them in a newspaper to avoid friction. The newspaper will protect them from direct friction with other items that are placed in the same box.
  • Get all the most fragile items such as mirrors or glass type and have them be packed in a bubble wrap. However, some moving companies can also do this packing service for you. If you have already chosen your local mover, then you can verify with them all the services they can offer for the move.
  • Clean the refrigerator thoroughly. Ideally, do not transport it with any food inside. You can ask for help from a friend or relative to keep the food from the freezer so as not to waste them.
  • Clean the carpets before rolling and packing them.
  • Classify your clothes. For example, shirts, underwear, and should be neatly folded and boxed perfectly. If you have coats or larger jackets, or suits, then you can ask your moving company a walk-in coat rack that goes inside the truck.
  • Mark each box according to its contents and where it has to be positioned in your new home.
  • When you are finished packing all items, you need to check all the boxes and compare with your checklist. This is to confirm that you do not forget anything

Documents and valuables

A day before making the move, you should save in a folder all documents that are important to you. Similarly, all small and valuable objects like jewelry must be kept handy. They have to be in a suitcase or backpack. Normally, a moving company will have an insurance for any unforeseen breakage or loss during the move.

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