Moving with ease

5 Practical Tips When Moving

If you move to a new residential home in a different city, you will have farewell parties. With this, try to close loose ends at work and school plans for your children but make sure to have enough time for packing before the moving date. As they say, the more you postpone unpacking, the less motivation and energy you will have, so do not postpone it. Make a plan about your move and start packing as early as possible.

Create an action plan


Before hiring a company that offers residential moving service, make sure that you are done with your action plan when moving. There are a lot of customers who still wait for the week of their move to sign a contract with a moving company but this is not wise at all, This lead to an increase in the costs of moving. Once you have decided your date of move, your packing checklist that will allow you to create an inventory of what you have then you can determine what you want to bring and what to sell or donate.

Do not forget to have an inventory


Depending on the coverage plan you bought with a moving company, some require the submission of an inventory list so that you can identify immediately if something is damaged or stolen. Without an up-to-date inventory, you’re unlikely to remember everything you have. Knowing what you have is also advantageous if you ever need a claim by the insurer of the house. And another advantage: you have a clear idea of what you have and can better organize your new home.

Evaluate all your saved stuff

Six weeks before the moving date, make sure to prepare all the things that needed to be packed. Do you store things and store them in your garage, or in a shed in the yard, in containers under the bed, piled up in boxes in the basement or attic, and even put them in a paid deposit? Six weeks before moving, check each thing stored and decide what to store, sell, donate or throw away.


Just pack what you really want to take with you. Make sure not to include those that are no longer useful because this can waste your time, energy and space. The sooner you start to dismiss these unwanted things in your life, the more things that you can sell. Dedicate yourself to market the things in a garage sale and send them out to the buyers soon. This can finance some portion of the cost of your move. You will be surprised to see the amount of the things that you no longer need but they are appreciated by other people.

Pack fragile objects with bubble wrap

When you are done sorting things from works of art, framed photos, paintings to other decorative ornaments then make sure to pack those frames and delicate things with bubble wrap.

Organize the party

Ask your friends when they are available to help you one evening or night a week or two before moving, even if it’s for an hour or two. Buy some bottles of wine and put your favorite music. When half of the kitchen is packed, order the best pizza in town and share memories of moments you had together with your friends. The party can help relieve the stress of moving.

Packing is practical, but moving is something that is emotional and considered to be one of the most stressful things a person can go through in his life.

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