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Inspiring tips for those who move across the country

5 Practical Tips When Moving

If you move to a new residential home in a different city, you will have farewell parties. With this, try to close loose ends at work and school plans for your children but make sure to have enough time for packing before the moving date. As they say, the more you postpone unpacking, the less motivation and energy you will have, so do not postpone it. Make a plan about your move and start packing as early as possible.

Create an action plan


Before hiring a company that offers residential moving service, make sure that you are done with your action plan when moving. There are a lot of customers who still wait for the week of their move to sign a contract with a moving company but this is not wise at all, This lead to an increase in the costs of moving. Once you have decided your date of move, your packing checklist that will allow you to create an inventory of what you have then you can determine what you want to bring and what to sell or donate.

Do not forget to have an inventory


Depending on the coverage plan you bought with a moving company, some require the submission of an inventory list so that you can identify immediately if something is damaged or stolen. Without an up-to-date inventory, you’re unlikely to remember everything you have. Knowing what you have is also advantageous if you ever need a claim by the insurer of the house. And another advantage: you have a clear idea of what you have and can better organize your new home.

Evaluate all your saved stuff

Six weeks before the moving date, make sure to prepare all the things that needed to be packed. Do you store things and store them in your garage, or in a shed in the yard, in containers under the bed, piled up in boxes in the basement or attic, and even put them in a paid deposit? Six weeks before moving, check each thing stored and decide what to store, sell, donate or throw away.


Just pack what you really want to take with you. Make sure not to include those that are no longer useful because this can waste your time, energy and space. The sooner you start to dismiss these unwanted things in your life, the more things that you can sell. Dedicate yourself to market the things in a garage sale and send them out to the buyers soon. This can finance some portion of the cost of your move. You will be surprised to see the amount of the things that you no longer need but they are appreciated by other people.

Pack fragile objects with bubble wrap

When you are done sorting things from works of art, framed photos, paintings to other decorative ornaments then make sure to pack those frames and delicate things with bubble wrap.

Organize the party

Ask your friends when they are available to help you one evening or night a week or two before moving, even if it’s for an hour or two. Buy some bottles of wine and put your favorite music. When half of the kitchen is packed, order the best pizza in town and share memories of moments you had together with your friends. The party can help relieve the stress of moving.

Packing is practical, but moving is something that is emotional and considered to be one of the most stressful things a person can go through in his life.

How To Avoid A Chaotic Move?

It is generally known that when you start to plan for your move, it feels that there are a lot of things to prepare. Of course, this is natural when you start late. You need to plan ahead because it is not easy to do the moving process from packing to unpacking. There will a lot of headache that you will experience if it was done without prior preparation and planning. It is very important to plan ahead because this is the secret to a flawless move. Below are some tips and tricks to avoid a chaotic move.

  • Look for used boxes that are appropriate for each item to be packed and many newspapers.
  • Keep handy these materials: tape, scissors, and marker. Collate all your belongings and get boxes which have appropriate sizes for all. It can be of medium size and large size.
  • Make sure to separate glassware and other dishes. Before placing them in boxes, you have to wrap them in a newspaper to avoid friction. The newspaper will protect them from direct friction with other items that are placed in the same box.
  • Get all the most fragile items such as mirrors or glass type and have them be packed in a bubble wrap. However, some moving companies can also do this packing service for you. If you have already chosen your local mover, then you can verify with them all the services they can offer for the move.
  • Clean the refrigerator thoroughly. Ideally, do not transport it with any food inside. You can ask for help from a friend or relative to keep the food from the freezer so as not to waste them.
  • Clean the carpets before rolling and packing them.
  • Classify your clothes. For example, shirts, underwear, and should be neatly folded and boxed perfectly. If you have coats or larger jackets, or suits, then you can ask your moving company a walk-in coat rack that goes inside the truck.
  • Mark each box according to its contents and where it has to be positioned in your new home.
  • When you are finished packing all items, you need to check all the boxes and compare with your checklist. This is to confirm that you do not forget anything

Documents and valuables

A day before making the move, you should save in a folder all documents that are important to you. Similarly, all small and valuable objects like jewelry must be kept handy. They have to be in a suitcase or backpack. Normally, a moving company will have an insurance for any unforeseen breakage or loss during the move.

Things To Know Before Moving Out Of Your Parents’s Home

When you’re a young person, the one thing that you really need to prepare for is the time that you decide to move out of your parent’s home and live on your own. You’re at a tender age and you might find it really stressful to embark on a life of independence. Not to mention the additional set of responsibilities you may have, the experience of moving might be something out of your comfort zone.

To get you prepped up for that day, here are some things that you need to know before moving out of your folk’s home:

Money & Expenses

You need to earn at least 3 times the amount you will spend on your rent. Most property managers would require you to do so or else, they won’t allow you to live there. One thing you can do though do is to rent a room from someone or get an apartment with roommates.

You also need to be prepared for a security deposit which is equal to a month’s rent. You can get it back after you move out if you didn’t destroy anything.

Have at least $500 – $2000 to spend on the things that you may need on your new space.

Living Alone Vs. Living with Roommates.

This actually depends on your preference. You can save some money living with roommates or you can spend more if you want to value your privacy.


Choose a location that’s near to places you frequently visit. For example, if you like goignt o the gym, choose a place that’s a drive away from it.


Different people may have different opinions on what amenities that they want. However, it depends on what you need to make your stay comfortable.

Renting vs. Owning

Renting is better for younger people because it’s way more flexible. you can easily move to another space without any troubles.


Do you have any great tips when you moved out of your parent’s home? Share your ideas!

Moving Tips While Selling Your House


When you decide to move, chances are, you’re more likely to sell your house to move in to a new one. Moving alone is quite stressful but, it gets a bit more stressful as a mom and while you’re waiting to entertain a buyer for your home. Here are some great tips that you could use if you’re in this situation:

  • If you’re selling your house, you can never guess when a buyer could show up at your house. You can keep 3 to 4 laundry baskets for a quick declutter. Tidy up those toys, gadgets and other things that might be lying around your house and put them inside your car.
  • Keep staging items ready and tucked away. You might get an expected call from a buyer and you might not have a piece of towel set up on the bathroom.
  • A couple of weeks before moving you can prep some quick and easy freezer meals. This will make meal times less stressful, less messy and easier.
  • Have a dedicated box for packing supplies. This can be really useful because you can have all the things you need in just one box which you can carry from room to room.
  • Pack a first night box. This box may contain all the things that you need for spending a night at our new home such as a pan, towels, toilet paper and so on. You might be quite exhausted after moving and you could get more stressed after having a hard time looking for supplies that you need.

Professional Moving In West Palm Beach

Want to start moving in West Palm Beach?

Making sure you are going to the right people is a must. Those who don’t move with the right approach are the ones who miss out and make a terrible mistake. It is recommended to choose a professional moving company that can deliver top-tier results and is going to manage all of your requirements efficiently.

Here is a look at what it means to go with professional movers in this day and age.

Customized Moving

Each client has a unique setup and will have requirements when it comes to moving from place to place. Those who don’t customize their move are the ones who are going to struggle the most. Customize the moving process with the help of this moving company to see world-class results.

Full Protection

This moving company offers full protection for all assets in the client’s property. Whether it is fragile items or larger items, the moving team will be able to analyze them before putting together the right moving solution. This is empowering for those who are ready to go with the best with their moving solution in the coming days.

Licensed and Insured

What makes this a world-class moving company in West Palm Beach? Clients are looking at a team that is licensed and insured to help clients move from place to place. This is important while looking to go with a safe and trusted option in the city. Don’t move with those who aren’t accredited to do the work.

Fast Results

Moving is all about efficiency and making sure you’re not made to wait for a client. If you have a timeline in place and you want to get to your destination immediately, the right moving company can make sure that is the case. You will not be made to wait by a moving company that is well-regarded for the work it does in the area.

This is a world-class moving company and is the best option for those who are ready to start moving in West Palm Beach. Sit down and book a consultation to see what the price is for moving from point A to point B in West Palm Beach. This is a friendly, top-tier moving company that has years of expertise and is ready to assist clients at a moment’s notice.

Start now and plan for your moving day!

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9 Amazing Tips On Moving To Another State

Making a move is difficult but it gets trickier when you’re moving to another state. Another state means another lifestyle you need to adjust to. You might end up feeling overly stressed and overwhelmed by the whole process if you’re not prepared for it.

Here are some amazing tips by YourFavoriteBabyMama to help you keep your sanity when you’re planning to move to another state:

What kind of mover are you?

Mover #1 – Someone who says they are ready to move but ain’t ready to move. Has lived in the same city for years.

Mover #2- Someone who is mentally ready to move ans has packed their stuff. This typs is completely done with their old city.

Keep your moving plans to yourself.

The more people that know that you’re moving, the more unsolicited advise you will get which will just make the situation overwhelming.

Don’t buy useless stuff.

The less stuff that you have, the better. The more stuff that you have, the more money that you’re going to spend to all of those stuff.

Needs vs Wants

Know how to divide your stuff into needs and wants. The things that you couldn’t buy such as priceless memorabilias can be packed. You can easily buy new furniture at your new state.

Get a job now.

If you can’t transfer your job to the next state, find a new job on the state that you’re moving in. You can work in a grocery store or a franchise making it easier for you to move in.

Visit as a resident

Go to the city as a resident and not as a tourist. Go to places that tourists don’t usually go to so that you can really get an idea of the lifestyle.


Don’t expect to get the same things that you got from your old city. The standard of living might be a bit different. Learn to live below your means by living with less stuff than you used to have.

Like, Sub & Follow the State

To be more ready about moving, try to follow social media pages of the state and get more info about it.

Be positive.

It’s important to stay positive throughout the whole process. Just think positive of getting to your new home.